California Rabbits

 California meat rabbits are in our opinion the easiest to breed and raise. They average 9 to 10 LBS when full grown and average 6 to 8 bunnies per litter. They are specifically bred to be one of best meat to bone ratio rabbits. They are normally processed starting at 6 weeks through 11 weeks as fryers and 12 weeks through 24 weeks as roasters.

Important: Due to peak season, in February through June you are purchasing bunnies from the next available litter and rarely from litters that are ready now since these are for previous orders. If you order rabbits today you will receive them in 30-45 days average. If you are ordering males along with your females please indicate in the comment section if you would like to take an available male home now or wait to pick them all up once the others are ready.

Once we receive your order we will contact you to give you a more accurate availability and when to expect pickup in Belen or delivery to Los Lunas-Albuquerque. 

Please note that we DO NOT breed to accomodate specific dates and we DO NOT guarantee that you will receive your bunny or bunnies by any specific time even if we give you an estimate. So please understand that we are not responsible for your rabbits not being ready for a show date, birthday, holiday or any special event. We can only guarantee that you will receive the number of bunnies ordered from the next available litter that isn't sold out. This could be as little as 30 days or as much as 6 months or even more depending how many reservations we have ahead of you and time of year. We will not provide refunds if you happen to miss a certain event or if your rabbit isn't ready by a date that we estimated as we do not guarantee date. Please do not order if you need a bunny, chicken, piglet or any other animal by a specific date. We do not force our rabbits to breed and we give our rabbits plenty of breaks between litters and do what is best for our breeders. We also do not allow you to take your bunny prematuraly before we feel they are ready so please do not ask. We pride ourselves into producing the happiest and healthiest bunnies and we do not cut corners, overbreed, or sell very young bunnies as we believe this is unethical. If you are in a hurry we ask that you do not order from us as we are not a puppy or rabbit mill. Thank you for your understanding and if you agree to these and our other terms and conditions we welcome your business and will strive to provide you the healthiest and best tempered pet possible.


Please noteWE DO NOT SHIP RABBITS. We offer Local delivery and pickup only. We do not sell breeding age rabbits or older rabbits. All of our available rabbits are usually between 6-12 weeks old. Once a year we do sell some of our breeders so that we can rotate our breeding stock. We recommend that you sign up for our Newsletter to receive notification of when we do.


While you're welcome to come pick up your Rabbit(s) in person we do not allow any visitors into our Rabbitry for the comfort and health of our breeders as it stresses them and can potentially expose them to diseases that visitors can unknowingly bring. We only allow visitors that have purchased rabbits and/or products online. Rabbits being picked up will be in a separate area from our rabbitry. You will be contacted when your rabbit(s) are ready to schedule pick up or delivery. We have this policy in order to be able to provide you with the healthiest rabbits possible so we ask that you respect our policy and not ask into our rabbitry.

If you decide to pick up your order at our farm you agree that it is at your own risk and you will hold Wilber's Farm harmless from any liability resulting in physical injuries to you or anyone who accompanies you and property damage to any vehicle or belongings. This is a working farm with many animals both farm animals as well as wild animals, heavy equipment, and many other hazards. While we take great care to provide a safe enviroment we can not be held responsible. AGAIN, VISITS TO OUR FARM ARE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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California Rabbits

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